Why should I recycle my electronics? The rapid growth in popularity of electronics, computers and technologies has produced many fantastic benefits for our society, however because of constant evolution in the industry and high usage, they will eventually become obsolete or defective, may no longer be useful and end up as electronic waste or "e-waste". Electronics recycling or e-cycling of this e-waste can help us to demonstrate that we care about the world we live in and our environment by preventing unnecessary waste and pollution while conserving and preserving some of our valuable natural resources for the future!

 Reuse is a stage in the process of e-cycling where electronics and technology products that are reusable are refurbished and tested prior to being resold or donated for use again.

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 Reduce is a stage in the process of e-cycling where defective electronics and technology products are reduced to parts and base materials are used in the manufacturing of new products.

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 Recycle is a stage in the process of e-cycling where used electronics and technology products are recycled and used to make new consumer products or raw materials for manufacturing.

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 E-waste is a term given to electronic, computer and technology products nearing the end of their product life cycle or "useful life" that have become worn, broken or defective. Electronic, computer and technology products, components, devices and gadgets like, computers, servers, monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, radios and cell phones are among some of the most commonly discarded electronics. Many of these products can be Recycled, Remarketed, or Reduced. Unfortunately, electronic waste or e-waste is one of the fastest, growing, segments of our nation's vast waste stream.

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