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  Electronics recycling or e-cycling is the term used to describe the modern process for electronic waste disposal which encompasses, electronics recycling and computer recycling too. The e-cycling process involves many steps that are made up of a series of procedures. Electronix Recyclers follows the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle process in the collection and handling of e-waste. You may drop off your e-waste during our business hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm CST, at our Wichita recycling center located at 2955 S Kansas 67216, Wichita, Kansas or for large amounts call 316.425.7060 to schedule a pick up.
 The first step in the modern process of e-cycling or electronic waste processing procedures involves collecting, tagging and logging of e-waste. During this step, items are identified, tagged and logged as part of the inventory procedure.

 The second step in the process of e-cycling or computer recycling processing procedures involves inspecting and evaluating the e-waste. During this step it is determined whether or not e-cycleable items are reusable or remarketable. If the items contain data, the data is destroyed by physical destruction or removed by DBAN. This ensures due diligence in computer recycling, helps to prevent Viruses, Identity Theft and further forensic analysis.

 The third step in the modern process of e-cycling or electronic waste processing procedures involves demanufacturing. This is the step where e-cycleable items are dismantled often by hand which provides local jobs and parts and components are separated and processed through downstream reprocessors.

Pollution across all mediums remains one of the largest environmental challenges we face in today's world. The steps taken in this e-cycling process help reduce production pollution, packaging waste and transportation costs. Electronix Recyclers has remarketed to the US and places around the world! We strive to insure that your e-waste is processed in a professional, eco-friendly and secure manner.

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